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Taylor & Danielle Hill -The Beginning

I am not a big crier. Really I'm not. I mean I do have my days... but as far as weddings I just haven't really cried at any wedding I have been to.
As the toasts were given at Danielle & Taylor's wedding tears just kept streaming down my face. 1st at the Maid of Honor's speech then again when the Father of the Bride spoke.
Danielle's dad had the most beautiful toast, and you just felt how much he cherished his daughter and was so unbelievably happy for her.
I am praying that I don't butcher the story that the maid of honor (Danielle's sister) Jacqueline told during her toast, her version was so eloquent.
When Jacqueline & Danielle were really young they had a crush on a dashing gentleman,Coach Hill. Well Coach Hill was Taylor and at the time Danielle & Taylor's age groups didn't really match up.
Well years went by and Jacqueline happened to run into Coach Hill and the 1st thing that came up was Danielle! So with no age issue the 1st date was set up =)
Now surrounded by their closest family and friends they were celebrating becoming Mr.& Mrs. Coach Hill, okay well maybe cut out the coach part.
Congratulations Danielle & Taylor I wish you both nothing but the best! Thank you for letting me capture your day and share in your tears, your laughs, and your happiness!
Now onto the pics...

I love that a rainbow shined through the group =) completely unexpected!

This lil guy is going to give Jordana & I a run for our money!
He was snapping away all night long =)

Danielle's brother Beau turns into a pirate on this special occasion =)

* Also a great BIG Thank you Jordana for being such an amazing friend and my rockin 2nd shooter =)


Abigail Q said...

Ohhh I love! What an awesoem wedding! And a party on a boat? TOO FUN!

brionyskerjance said...

you definitely got some rockin shots :)

Meg said...

Love this wedding! Great work love!!

Melissa Vossler said...

Awesome job Ashley!!! I have my first wedding in May (and another in June, September and October) and I'm NERVOUS. Maybe I can pick your brain one of these days :)

These are amazing, and I loved every single one.

Danielle Hill said...

Ashley and Jordana...these pictures are fantastic! (Ashley) Taylor says they are RAD!! You were such a pleasure to work with. I am so excited to see the rest of them! You have captured those special moments of our wedding day in a way I could have never imagined...THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ashley! These images are supurb! I bet the couple are one happy couple with these images. They're brilliant!

Laura Lewis said...

gosh this just got me so excited to meet with you and so excited for my wedding on the beautiful eternity yacht!! :) one year from friday!! great job ashley!!

Purple Nickel Studio said...

Holy cool reception!!! Love the boat images...all of em'.

jesi haack weddings said...

oh girl, you are amazing. you always find such stylie and unique ways to showcase the venue you are shooting! I LOVE the one of them with the sun shining from behind. I am so stoked on these!

Mark Brooke Photographers said...

awesome shoot! What a rad location, that boat is so fun!

Jessica said...

Love this wedding! The dress shot is AWESOMENESS!

laura said...

i just found your blog and love your pictures! only bad thing about finding a new blog i like is i have to look through the whole thing! :)