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Play time = Paw Caste = gnawing through the caste = Lovely new Headgear = rash from the headgear = 4 vet visits in 1 week and 1/2.
Yes our lil pup Bubby (his new nickname) would definitely have a winning story for FML!
Needless to say life has been more chaotic then usual, and my hubby has completely become the most over protective "dad" there is!
Seriously it didn't help that in this time frame we decided to buy/watch the heartwarming
(ie: DEVASTING) movie Marley & Me.
Which for me resulted in massive amounts of crying.
I will spare you the details about how the hubs reacted to the movie... =)
but lets just say he had manly tears, super manly!
Besides the freak accidents that seem to follow our lil man wherever he goes,
life has been wonderful! Just busy busy bees!
I couldnt help but take Bubby's pain and angst as a photo shoot moment, yes oh so compassionate of me... but really you can see how upset he was ;( broke our hearts!!!


brionyskerjance said...

poor lil guy...his expression is pitiful.
i went to see Marley and Me with my family and both my dad and brother had lots of manly tears your hubby is not alone :) haha

Shelby said...

Poor little man! But I seriously could have written this post myself. I watched Marley and Me LAST NIGHT. Totally bawled. Oh and our little Zu girl? She's had 3 near death experiences in the year and a half that she's been on this earth. Scarfing down chocolate brownies, frightening elevator mishaps - she's seen it all.
Maybe we should get together for a playdate?
Or not - double trouble.
Hope he's feeling better soon.


Anonymous said...

Manly tears?? Really?? Lol! So I guess it's worth seeing, right? Awww Bubby :( He's still cute!

Ashley Perez said...

Omgosh! That's so sad! 4 visits in one week?! You poor thing. Seriously, that's awful. I totally know what you mean about Marley and Me. Jeff's childhood dogs had to go to the vet last week and one of them has 3 huge tumors. Luckily we found out that the tumors aren't cancerous. But it was hitting way too close to home! I totally cried when I watched it in theaters and the 2nd time on DVD. Hope he gets that cone off soon!

Julie Ann said...

i'm sorry to hear about your poor baby...it sounds like he's had a tough week! **positive vibes being sent now**

i loved marley and me too! it was surprisingly a really good movie.

hope your puppy feels better!

Abigail Q said...

Poor baby!!! Maybe my Lex could come help cheer him up? ;)

Anonymous said...

Awww... Bubs! So super cute. Love him. You must see my Charlie - at THE ROUX. :)

Laura Lewis said...

poop pup... man marley and me gets the best of them! brought tears from my dad and my fiance -- not seen before in a movie with the both of them.

Jessica said...

Awww... Poor little guy!