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Hopping down the bunny trail...

Just a lil post to say HAPPY EASTER =)
I couldnt resist the bunny ears @ target
(mind you, they came with matching bunny panties with a fuzzy tail but i refrained!)
Hope your holiday is delightful! xoxo Bubby Bunny Rose
My boys =)

Yes we made him a Easter Basket =) and I filled the sport easter eggs with puppy treats!
I realize I have a problem ; )


brionyskerjance said...

oh my gosh sooooooo cute!!!

unitedmum said...

OH MY!!! My furry lil' grandson is so darn adorable. I must have a framed pic for my mantle.
xoxoxo, MUM

Megan Welker said...

hahaha the one where he's looking up and holding the flower is my fave! you should soooo frame it!

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

soooooooo adorable!

Tabitha Blue said...

That is so stinkin cute!! I love it, great idea with the flower. I would totally do a basket for that little guy!

Purple Nickel Studio said...

Ha. I just wanna squeeze him....he's sooooo cute! Some of these need to be made into canvases!!!

Diana Rush said...

It's amazing how you get your dog to pose for you... I can't get my 2 year old to pose for the life of me!!!

Great shots! The one of him holding the flower could seriously be used for an Easter ad campaign!

Heather Georger said...

omigosh!!!! How freakin cute! <3 it!


holy smokes those bunny ears!!!!!

Moore Musings said...

I wish you had new pictures of him every day.
I love him!

lizanne said...

Such a cute puppy! I love that you made him an Easter basket! That's so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I am sooo glad you got those bunny ears!!!!! lol I love the photos!