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Broken Record

Ugh. Why am I such a broken record sometimes.
Seriously I am not even going to back track and count how many times I have said
"I am the worst blogger ever"
Ugh. I hate that. So I wont hold it against you for being completely and utterly bored with me.
So let's do a brief catch up before we get back to our scheduled blog posts!
Lately life has been crazy. Just a whirlwind of emotions and events flying by.
One thing however is not flying by. This baby brewing process.
I know I said I wasn't going to blog baby, but were right around our 1/2 mark to meeting our
lil man and I think my husband said it best last night...
We were playing with our friends lil guy and Jeff just said "I'm ready for my son".
So simple. So sweet.
And we are so ready for our son. =)
In other news our other lil boy is doing wonderful!
*who will be getting a photoshoot soon!!!
We are seriously so obsessed with that lil bag of fur :)
I cannot wait to take loads and loads of pictures of all my boys soon enough!
And because Baby Crew is getting spoiled these days we couldnt leave out our other lil guy,
some treats from the raddest dog bakery in San Clemente!
Doggy Donuts and a Cookie for Bubbles ;)

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kodi_jo said...

I read a book about that bakery!