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Editing- FAQ

I have been wanting to write this post forever!!!

I swear I have a list in my head of a million things I need to blog but life is crazy right now.

Any whooooo, I am so happy to finally share this post though.

I showed a glimpse of a SOOC image a lil while ago – and for you non photogs out there SOOC means: Straight out of Camera. In other words the image has not been altered in any way.

I get a lot of clients/photogs who want to know how I process my images so here it is:

Here is a straight out of camera image-

clients this is not a stage you will ever see as all the photos I give to my clients are edited =)

Now here is a color corrected image-

This stage of editing is to correct the color of the image. Making it pop a bit and adjusting the hues of the image. These are going to be the images that I give my clients!

Photogs * I use FOTOFAFA for all my color correcting work, outsourcing has been the best thing for me and Kenny is absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend checking them out!

Now here is a blog image (artistically edited image)/album/print image-

This stage of editing is a bit more intricate. Anything that I post on my blog (my favorite images from a wedding/session) is finely edited only by me. The image is color correct as well (see above) just by me, and then I put a lil twist of vintage into the photo. Not much since I like to keep the integrity of the photo. I also remove blemishes, make eyes pop a bit, and go over the picture with a fine tooth comb to make it web/album/print ready. All of my album images are artistically edited as well as my professional print orders.

Not a huge difference from start to finish but I like the extra ooomf that I get out of the image!

Soon I will post my post processing recipes =) since those are always fun to share!

Hope this was a helpful post =)

Some more edited samples below =)
Color Corrected
Artistic Edit
Color Corrected
Artistic Edit
Color Corrected
Artistic Edit
Color Corrected
Artistic Edit

All of these images are from one of my all time favorite weddings ;)


brionyskerjance said...

thanks for sharing. i can't wait to see your recipes...i am still trying to figure out my editing style. i know what i like but sometimes it is hard getting there.

lora ayers said...

I've contacted Kenny and I'm super excited about using him, what harddrive do you use to mail the pictures...I'm so clueless, any "insider tips" would be so appreciated!! :) I love these images! Lora