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A Holiday Bulldog (Reindeer)

So as promised here is the cutest reindeer ever =)
lol. okay not really. but comical none the less!
I swear our children are going to hate us (mainly me) for my photo shoots,
our dog is already over them. Seriously over them.
I lost count of how many treats it took for him to sit still & let me cover him with lights...
but all in all I think it turned out pretty successful for a 5 minute photo shoot :)
I think he makes a nice addition to Santa's crew!!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!
*Please note I will be out of the office until the 27th,
eat, drink, and be merry =)

Bottom right. Hmm. I think he was over it at that point!


Anonymous said...

Very cute, love it! Merry Christmas!

brionyskerjance said...

hahah love it!

Christi Contois said...

Seriously... these are amazing! :) He is so incredibly cute!! I love the one where his eyes are closed... classic!

Sissel said...

Your dog is absolutely adorable!


PS happy new year!

carissa said...

aaagghhh!!!! my favorite bulldoggy on the planet...and we havent even met yet...one of these days bubs...one of these days :)

Moore Musings said...

oh my word I want to poochnap Mr Bubbles. he is too cute