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Kelly & Mike

Mike & Kelly.
I really have TOO MANY words for them.
At the beginning of the day Kelly said to me,
"if it was up to me, I wouldn't have any pictures of my wedding"...
this coming from a ridiculously beautiful woman who couldn't have looked
more couture on her wedding day, yet Kel is a bit camera shy =)

Kelly & Mike were married @ MUZEO, which up until now, I hadn't heard of this hidden gem!
What an amazing ceremony site ;) so organic and green. Beautiful. So so Beautiful.
From the start Mike had told me that this wasn't going to be a traditional wedding,
... my reply.... HECK YES =) in my opinion the best weddings are the ones that are about YOU.
Do what you want to do. Make your own wedding traditions.
Showing up @ the house on their wedding day I knew this day was
going to be nothing short of spectacular. It was THEM wrapped up in a day of joy.

At the end of the day Kelly and I hugged like giddy girlfriends over her day.
She thanked me for capturing their day. Thanked me for making it about them.
Not being intrusive and just relishing in their happiness. It was truly the sweetest thing.
The bride who didn't want a photographer picked me. Seriously?!
I know photos aren't your favorite Kel, but I hope you & Mike enjoy your wedding photos!

Holla for a 2 shoe bride =)

Before the Ceremony Mike
*who owns a Corvette Shop* had their guests bring their vintage cars for a car show!
= RAD!!!

For Dixie!
Isn't she the cutest Ring Bearer/Flower girl?!

Seriously MUZEO is Beeeee.aaauuuutt.iffffulllll!!!!

I adore everything about this shot =)

Thank you Mike & Kelly for letting me be a part of your day! =)
And THANKS to Alicia (The Modern Type) for shooting this wedding with me ;)
she's the best!!!


Melissa Vossler said...

Ashley - this wedding rocked. And ofcourse, so did your photos. What an awesome day to be a part of...and I'm sure the bride is eating her words after seeing her magnificent wedding photos courtesy of YOU!

Kitty said...

beautiful bride, breathtaking photos. love, kitty

studio 28 photo said...

Ashley - So beautiful, As always.. and how hot is the short dress, Luurrveee it, sassy and sexy!

My Sweet & Saucy said...

I don't see how she couldn't love the photos! Gorgeous venue, details, and dress!

leah sherer said...

I love how you made the bride's legs look even longer than they were! The shoes deserved all of that action! Great work.

Jen Berry said...

i know you love shoes. i can tell my your shoe shots. lots of passion!!! really. these are so fun and creative. i love the kissing/flare shot. you nailed that one.

Unknown said...

beautiful: bride , pictures, all... so nice...lovely

Anonymous said...

I love the whole feel of this wedding, so chic! Can't get over her shoes. I think my favorite pic is when they are sitting on the bench, she is looking at him with her ankle turned out, almost as if she is looking at him trying to flirt and he is cool as a cat. Love it!

kari said...

Ashley! These photos are amazing! (You know that, of course!)... Can't wait to see more of your work!


SerenasMom said...

I linked in from GreenWeddingShoes to see more of the pics from this wedding - just had to post - GORGEOUS!!

Anonymous said...

The venue is fabulous! Love the light going on. There's a great vibe going around the bride and the groom. Love it. (and your blog!)

Unknown said...

so gorgeous. can't imagine this wedding happening undocumented. it would've been a shame. i'm inspired. thank you.

Joe+Kathrina said...

oh my gosh, the bf/partner were just at that exact location yesterday taking random pictures wondering if people get married at that area...guess they do!

Jenny said...

Omg, what a gorgeous wedding! This makes me want to change all my ideas about weddings and do something as sexy and sassy as this bride does. Your pictures are amazing Ashley!

Teekens said...

Where are the shoes from?? I absolutely adore them!!