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Finding my voice has been haunting me this week.
I in no way feel that I am a writer.
Really I don’t.
And with a blog you write. You show bits of yourself for all to see.
I am a rambler by nature.
I tend to write how I talk, and I usually talk very fast & say LIKE a lot…
It’s horrible I know. I cringe whenever I actually hear myself talk. Horrible.
Some days I wish I could just bust out the witty banter, illuminate eloquence ,
Or write words filled with hopes & dreams that melt your heart.
But I just dont have it.
So here I sit just rambling. With nothing of much importance on my mind.
Just wanting to say HI.
As much as I wish I was all of those things, I know I am not.
Nor should I strive to be. All of those people I adore.
Because they are true to who they are.
I am trying to be true to who I am, as much of a struggle as it is.
I am honest. Probably too much. I have good days and bad.
And even though my life is far from perfection, I am grateful for the life I have been given.

So as I am still struggling to find my voice for my blog, I just wanted to say thank you.
Thank you for reading. Thank you for your sweet comments blog readers.
You brighten my day.

*this kind of sounds like a Therapy Thursday of sorts…
will not be a frequent on the blog. Don’t worry!
Annnnnnddd since posts are always better with pictures -a pic from a friends going away party this past weekend. The theme was "Walk like an Egyptian" hence the attire :)
oh and for some reason I thought this would be a stellar photo booth pose,
the hubs not so much... yup he was right. were uber cheesy.
Photobooth by: Aaron Young *(who is fantastic!)


Catherine said...

I totally relate to you...I feel the same way about my own writing skills. Still trying to find my voice, my style, myself and at times it's so challenging. Sometimes I spend so much time trying to draft something and give up because I feel like I suck.

Your honesty is your skill and your strength and I appreciate that! Keep at it!

Jen Berry said...

keep on keepin on. every time i blog, i have a long hesitation before hitting that post bottom. I love your posts. I think they are honest, emotive and intelligent.

Anonymous said...

so very honest. love it. it's nice/encouraging that there are others out there who feel that same way at times! You actually wrote what many I would presume are thinking, so even though this feeling or frustration may not be unique to just you, it's unique and original and courageous that you put it all down on paper (well not quite paper but you know what I mean!).

Joe+Kathrina said...

everyone has a voice, however eloquent and rambling they are. people are hearing and SEEING your voice, keep on talkin ;)

Julie Ann said...

girly, are you kidding me? you have a beautiful 'voice'. for real! i've never met you but i feel like i can hear you talk when i read your posts. your descriptions and stories are unique and true to who you are. that's why i like visiting your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sure you will find your voice. Everyone does.
Honesty is never bad.
Just wanting to say Hi! :)

CR said...

Well I'll say that is my first trip to your site and I love it and your voice. Very real and fun. :-)