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Oh Ziggy {le sigh} if I could steal a baby, I would steal Ziggy.
He was one of the best babies I have ever seen;
seriously he couldn't’t have been easier to shoot!
And by the end of our session he was staring directly into the lens :)
melting my heart all the while!
“Mom & Dad” you truly have an amazing lil man and a beautiful family,
I adored our shoot; enjoy the pictures of your love!
I really don’t have a lot of words today, I just want to share my favorites, k =)

*My Fav* Ziggy can totally ROCK the pink cons! I love it =)

Could this family be any cuter?!?
Ziggy & Zaggy (his monkey friend)

Oh and Ziggy's really name is Francis Xavier :) so RAD!!!


The Modern Type said...

lovin' on his name! remind me, in 9 years when i have babies, to give him an ultra cool nickname! fab job love!

unitedmum said...

My favorite pic is Ziggy and Zaggy. How cute is that?? Great job, sweetie!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

babies are so much fun... and fun to photograph. I dig the pictures from the mobile (is that what they're called? the little thing over the crib?) anyway, my favorite is the first one up there. nice set.

Christi Contois said...

I am LOVING your new logo!!! Such great pictures ashley. You are so so talented!!!

lauren said...

My favorite picture is of lil' Ziggy yawning -- so precious!