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Shoe Fate

Right now I am probably a nervous wreck. 
I am filled with anxiety... anxiety about spending the day with 
I say "right now I am probably" a nervous wreck because I am typing this on the 
eve of the Lyon Shop, something I am so grateful to be a part of!
Dontcha just love scheduled posts!?!
But at the same time I cant help but be plagued with feelings of doubt & fear. 
The kind of the 1st day of  school fear.
Who will I sit by at lunch? What if no one likes me?
 I realize I sound like a basket case, and am probably too honest about the thoughts swirling around in my head. But I cant help it. 
I am so excited to learn all I can, but also afraid of putting myself out there... 
Last weekend the hubs and I made our way to Santa Monica for the TOMS sample sale =) Holla! It was am.az.ing. 
We waited in a crazy ridiculous line in the sweltering heat to snatch up $15 dollar shoes! 
And it was 100% worth it =)
Besides how comfortable and snazzy TOMS shoes are, 
I absolutely LOVE their kindness and generosity!!!
I'm sure you know they give a new pair of shoes to a child for every pair you buy, 
such goodness being done in the world =)
Okay so back to my point (I swear I do have one)
Well amongst the mounds of shoes I stumbled across a pair that caught my attention. 
I brought them up to the register and asked the price since I didn't see another pair like them on the floor... 
I found out they were just for display and were never actually made. 
At first I considered myself lucky, then I decided it was fate. 
I found my HOPE & CHANGE. I just needed a daily reminder =) 
a nudge that I need to have hope & embrace the constant change around me! 
Pretty Deep thoughts for shoes, but hey it works for me! 
These are just what I need on a day like today!!! 


Megan Welker said...

dude. you're going to have a blast! I am soooooo jealous! and..the toms are fab :)

Creating.Myself said...

those are really cute =)