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I'm Alive, I swear =)

*shot with my camera, not the p&s =)
And I'm back, just still in vacation mode!
I barely got started last night on all of my laundry from the trip, and in reality it was only because my hamper exploded flinging clothes everywhere!
Sooooo I should be all caught up *hopefully* this week and back to blogging!
Just a lil sneak peak of our honeymoon, this was the view from our patio!
We were actually real lazy on our moon and didn't take too many pictures
& mostly shot with our P&S ;) but I don't regret a bit of it!
It was glorious to sleep, eat, water park (yes its a verb now!), read & eat some more.
I'll blog more about the lovely reads & restaurants that we enjoyed soon =)
The only downside... my stomach apparently didnt get the memo that we are no longer eating "vacation portions" of food. So pretty much I have been shoveling massive amounts of food in my mouth @ all hours of the day. =)
Happy Tuesday everyone!


Amy said...

looks beautiful!!! And I am totally still eating Paris portions of food!!

Jessica said...

Welcome home! I'm glad that you had a fabulous time. And that shot is GORGEOUS!

Megan Welker said...

glad to have you back! looks beeeeeeutiful! now, bring on the photos!

Abigail said...

Oh glorious!! Can't wait to see more v-kay pics! I'm glad you had an amazing time!

My Sweet & Saucy said...

Can't wait to see all the pictures!