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Originally this post was going to be about all our honeymoon bliss,
but I had to change that (I will post it later- promise!)
I am writing this with such a heavy heart tonight.
I know that there is a thin line with how much you are supposed to share about your personal life on your business blog... and while I think I might be divulging too much information,
this is me, and I would rather be hated for something I am than liked for something I am not.
I recently found out my lil brother has been having a rough time in school, being antagonized on a daily basis and its clearly upsetting when I hear of kids being mean in general but this is a new level of hurt.
See my brother was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 6 months old, he grew up like every other lil boy and girl and looked completely healthy.
It wasn't until about 7 years old that his disease reared its ugly head
& slowly unveiled his brain damage.
He's been through more than I wish upon any kid to go through,
@ the age of 8 his biggest fear wasn't monsters or sharks or scary movies, it was the hospital.
Since then he has been on a complete all fat diet (to stop the seizing), @ least 40 different meds, and underwent massive brain surgery.
In 2004 he had a Make-A-Wish granted before undergoing his brain surgery to remove his left temporal lobe, he was granted a Surf trip in Hawaii, something that I know he will never forget.
Now to see him in pain and treated in a way no one deserves to be treated just infuriates me. I have always been protective over him, always.
He has taught how so much, and truly makes everyone around him a better person.
He has always been the best indicator of character too!
Sadly I have seen ugly colors come out of people who I deigned nice,
and others have just shined through with such good hearts.
2 weeks ago Ryan, my brother, won a medal in the special Olympics for golf.
This is the 2nd sport that he has competed in for the Special Olympics (the other being skiing) and to win 2nd place in his division is astonishing =) he was ecstatic to win a medal period and I am so so proud of him. It's beautiful moments like these that make me so grateful for Ryan, he sees the good in everyone, sees things as they are and not as they should be, he makes me want to be better, strive to be better everyday. I am constantly learning about love, and kindness and how to treat people from him! Why am I telling you all this?! Well he is a part of me, the better part, the part that one day I hope I can be like and all that I ask is just for some kind thoughts for him. Thoughts, prayers, whatever you got to just help his heart mend.
Because my ramblings are rather lengthy I figured I should through in some pictures =) here's some shots of the golf tournament! oh and my amazing hubby was his partner for the tourney ;) because he has the best heart!


Ashley Perez said...

Thanks so much for sharing this Ash! It really touched my heart and I know your brother must feel so blessed to have a sister like you. You both are in my thoughts and prayers!

Jessica said...

Oh Ashley, it just breaks my heart to hear that Ryan is having a hard time at school. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, and I pray that his heart mends a hundred times over. I pray that the children around him realize how hurtful all of this is for you and him both, and I pray that they learn to treat him as the wonderful person that he is. Stany strong in your faith and your prayers, and I truly believe that all of your hopes and dreams for him will come to pass. I'm so glad that you shared this story. It may show your vulnerable side, but it shows who you are. It shows how kind your heart is, and it is wonderful to see. Big hugs to you and Ryan both!

brionyskerjance said...

your brother sounds like an amazing guy and you are an amazing sister...people are insecure and mean and even though their words hurt he has people like you that can speak truth over him. i will be praying for him and for those that are not treating him well. it is beautiful the love you have for him and i believe that love can be a shield when he finds himself questioning things.

Jen Berry said...

I had a hard time sleeping last night, as I had just read this post before attempting sleep. I had so many mixed feeling swarming through my head. First there's no reason why any sane person would hate you for posting this on your blog. It shows a side of compassion, love and humanity. All things an artist would possess in LARGE amounts. However, more than that, my sleep was bothered by the harshness of others. There are so many things to say that vary from hate to forgiveness, but the most important thing is loving your brother. While others may give him negativity, you can counter it with an abundance of love. While i know that won't take away the pain he'll experience, it will help reel it back in a bit. The insensitive actions and words from people always amaze me, but I also understand they come from a place of deep self/unhappiness. And, the only things that change that are education and 'kill em with kindness' (i hope i'm making sense). My brother is schizophrenic and it breaks my heart to see homeless people mistreated on the streets. It's amazing how mental challenges in others (as opposed to physical illness) are treated so harshly. People have fear. All i can say is you're amazing. By your words, I know your brother is deeply loved. He will be in my thoughts!!!! I can't stop thinking about you guys! xo

Melissa A Manley said...

I've been following your blog for just a little while now and when I got to work and opened my GoogleReader, I found your post, then I found myself searching for my tissues and trying to not make an audible sniffles (as not to alert my co-workers). It's now a few hours later and I haven't been able to stop thinking about your post...I was so saddened by your it. It truly takes a special kind of person (and not in a good way) to be so unkind and hurtful to someone about something like that. I can very limitedly share in his pain, I was born with a rare eye condition in both eyes that required 3 surgeries and left me legally blind without some major contacts or glasses that are twice as thick as an ashtray. My mother taught my brother and I that "You don't make fun of something someone can't change." And it is so true... My thoughts are with you and your brother and especially with his tormentors...I hope that no one ever does to them, or anyone they love, what they've done to your brother. Congrats to him on his medal!! I know it sounds corny (and hard to believe now, but I speak from experience), but one day when his heart has mended, he will look back upon the nasty kids and know that no matter how much they hurt him, they made him into a stronger and better man than any of them could ever hope to be!!

Dallas Shaw said...

you do great work!


Amy said...

Ash....it is so upsetting to me to see how cruel some people can be. I am so proud of your brother for being so amazing despite his challenges. I know your love and support is such a blessing to him. I am sure your post will encourage people to be kinder and accepting to those they don't understand. I will definitely be keeping your brother and your family in my prayers.

Unknown said...

Oh Ashley. Please don't hesitate to share your emotions and feelings with the world on your blog. I know how you feel though.. some times it is as if you have to guard yourself from the world and just put on a happy face but the world has a cruel side and is not always happy. Thank you for sharing this. I just read your twitter last night and you and your family were on my mind when falling asleep. I prayed for you all. Today I came upon your entry and tears still welled up in my eyes.

Your heart is so full of love for your brother and he is so lucky to have you in his life. I can only imagine how wonderful the rest of your family is as well. God will protect you all. Not everyone is blessed with grace for others but I believe everyone notices the love in others through actions and kind words and hopefully that will change them. Whether it is now or 15 years from now. I can only imagine how your brothers amazing personality and strength has shaped and changed everyone who is so close to him.

My thoughts are with you and your family! I hope things get better for Ryan at school. It is so wonderful that he has you and the rest of your family in his life loving him to the fullest! <3

HazelnutPhotography said...

What a beautiful post... how lucky you both are to have the other in your lives.

jesi haack weddings said...

i love you! You are an inspiring person and your sweet brother is blessed by you in his life.

My Sweet & Saucy said...

You post breaks my heart to hear that! Sadly people can be so cruel...why we will never know. The Lord has surely blessed him with an amazing sister though!

Catherine said...

I just wanted to send nice thoughts your way for you and your brother. It sounds like he has a bright soul that will outshine any cruelty or negativity that may come.

Jake Ruvalcaba said...

Skipper this post was beautiful! and your pics were too! :) You are an amazing sister and Ry is so LUCKY to have you and Jeff. You couldn't have picked a better man to call yours! :) I'm glad he did wonderful...... he really really is AMAZING!! School will get better....I hope. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed that it does!
Love You!

Creating.Myself said...

I am sorry to hear that your brother has been having a hard time. He has always been such a cool, happy and full of life kid! I remember him in swimming lessons and he always put a smile on everyone's face at the pool.

I hope things get better for Ryan and your family... my heart goes out to you.

Katie Beverley said...

Thanks for sharing this, Ashley. I will say some prayers for him and your family! He's so blessed to have a wonderful family like yours!

carissa said...

your brother is SO lucky to have you and jeff in his life...and i am sure you feel it's the other way around! isn't it amazing how the people that seemingly need us the most, we end up needing their impact on our lives EVEN more?! much, much love to you and your brother...xoxo, c