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We're the Bings =)

Hubs: “You don’t need 13 pairs”
Me: “But I dooooooo, you just don’t understand,
flip flops dont count as shoes...”
Hubs: {long pause}.
In t-minus 5 hours I will be jet setting off on my honeymoon.
This is a belated trip for the hubster and I considering our 1 year is coming up in a month,
but I am beyond ecstatic to be finally vacation-ing our lives away!
We are headed here =) and I must tell you we are so thrilled
to be celebrating our love *who are we kidding we can’t wait for FREE stuff
and the water park = HOLLA! Oh and lots and lots of sushi!
I won’t have any access to email or phone while we are gone,
but I will respond to emails/phone calls upon our return (May 11th).
Its going to be so delightful to just shut out the world for week, but I am having a hard time leaving our fur baby =( I recently twittered that he had a bone infection, but I am happy to report he is doing much better =)
Have a wonderful Week friends!
*oh and if you know the connection between our honeymoon and the title post
then let's be best friends-k =)

Just a fun reminder of our wedding day =)

Rockin PhotoBooth courtesy of GABRIEL RYAN PHOTOGRAPHERS

(*FYI: My out of office asst. doesnt seem to be working!

I will respond to email quickly upon return)


Megan Welker said...

ok... jealous!!! hope you have a wonderful time!!

Jen Berry said...


i'm jealous.

Maria Navarrete-Leyva said...

Love the subtle "Friends" tag on this post!!! My absolute FAVORITE show EVER!! That's a great episode, too! :)

Hope you have an amazing time on your late (but better than never) honeymoon! Haha!

carlie.renee. said...

wow, take lots and lots of photos... but then again, whatever. sometimes you need a vacation from photography too. :) you are going to have so much fun and come back so beautifully bronzed!! you two deserve this!!!

brionyskerjance said...

have fun!!! i love that pic :)

AHS Photography said...

have an awesome time! I can't believe its been a year!!!

Jessica said...

I heart this picture. Have lots and lots of fun! Happy Honeymooning!

My Sweet & Saucy said...

Have fun! Can't wait to see pictures!

Ashley Perez said...

Yay for honeymoons! You won't read this until you come back, but I hope you guys have the time of your lives! Congrats (:

Meg said...

Have fun!!! Drink a mai tai for me :)

Abi Q said...

yey! have fun!

Moore Musings said...

don't let any other newlyweds beat you to the free stuff!!!!