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Getting Ready locations

I've wanted to blog about "Getting Ready" locations FOR.EV.ERRRR!
Finally finding the time to do so =)
Mind you, these are just my own personal opinions/experiences
& if this helps out just 1 bride/photographer than I am happy!

I think most brides don't realize the HUGE impact the "getting ready" location
holds on your wedding day.
Most of the time we shoot a decent amount of photos @ this location.
Usually shooting the bride & bridesmaids/ groom & groomsmen there.
So in turn you want to make sure you like this spot!
I build out my brides timelines on their wedding day
and I arrive just as the bride is finishing up her hair & makeup!
There are several different types of situations that I have experienced w/ getting ready locations. And here they are:

Ideal Situation- (Getting Ready Location is the Wedding Venue)
These brides are VERY VERY lucky! They have a wedding venue that has a designated
"getting ready" room! *And its awesome*
I would say to keep in mind when looking at your wedding venue,
the time they allow you to arrive and if there is anywhere for you to stay tucked away.
Some fun examples of weddings that everything was shot @ the Venue:




Wimberley & Brian's Wedding @ The Villa




Hotel/Home Getting Ready Location -( location is close by to save time)
Most brides will get ready with their maids @ a hotel nearby their wedding venue :)
this is pretty much the norm these days.
But I think brides might not realize the impact this spot really holds in photos.
From the actual room you are getting ready in to the surrounding areas of the hotel.
Because most wedding venue's dont allow you onto the grounds until a certain time,
photos are usually taken @ the getting ready location.
So in short hand, think of the style of your wedding and try and find a hotel that fits that
to pull everything together ;)
some examples of this are:

this hotel had sooo much character! it was perfect!



the girls got ready @ Laura's parent's house which had the perfect feel to it!
Matched their homespun wedding so well :)
We then headed to the venue to finish up their photos and shoot the first look.




Scoping out the area- (Shooting around the Wedding Venue)
I have noticed something lately, brides are scoping out places to shoot their photos on their wedding day. I try and stress this w/ my couples in their initial consult;
you hire a professional wedding photographer for a number of reasons :)
One- being able to figure out the light at any given time.
Wedding photography is very much an improve "sport".
Light changes each day and spots that you might have scoped out
a week prior might not be well lit on your wedding day. Or they might be amazing,
but only during a certain time of day.
It's our job as your photographer to find that "AMAZING LIGHT"
throughout the whole day ;)
An "amazing spot" is never amazing in bad light :)
So sometimes a getting ready location might not have any available light
to use and we have to scope out the surrounding areas near the getting ready location/or the wedding venue: some examples of this are-

Sabrina and Rodney got ready at the same hotel
and were planning on doing a first look.
There wasn't anywhere for us to do this at their hotel.
So we scoped out surrounding areas (in pasadena)
and realized that we were right next to City Hall.
We ended up being able to shoot alot there and then headed over
to their wedding venue just a couple blocks away.
We couldn't shoot at the venue (which was on the roof)
so again we started walking and found so many fun nooks w/ beautiful light!




I hope this was somewhat helpful to brides out there!
Please dont hesitate to let me know if you guys have any questions about this post =)
I am always happy to help!!!


Margie said...

Thanks for the lovely tips! I am just starting out and would love to work my way towards weddings...I will keep a mental not of this :). I love your style!!

manny said...

hi youre photos look amazing! I was just wondering what was the reception site?