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Dear Crew (16 weeks)

Dear Crew,
4 months!?!? Really how are you already 4 months old?! Gosh time is flying by lil chubster!
We are starting to give you brown rice cereal which you are still a lil weary about,
and now we can start giving you some veggies! Yeah dude!
What can I tell you about this week... well we have had to buy you more clothes.
Bigger clothes. Lil fatty bear.
We are thrilled at how you are just so healthy and thriving.
One thing that really weighs on my heart this week is your uncle.
I see how much me and your daddy love you and never ever want you to be in pain.
We would do anything to protect you.
And to think that my mom (your fifi) has had to go through so much with her son
really makes my heart hurt.
Know that your daddy and I will love you forever -no matter what.
Illness, differences, life-choices, whatever they may be. You are our son.
And we will love you through and through.
I guess that is all I want to tell you this week.
You are so loved.

{Photo by: Amelia Lyon}
Love you always,
Your Mum

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