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My Brother's PROM

I try not to get super personal or emotional on my blog.
But sometimes you forget that this is for the world to see,
and it’s nice to share a part of your life with others. So here is my moment.
A couple weeks ago my brother attended his Junior PROM,
I have talked about him before,
but just to catch you up to speed,
he is developmentally delayed due to a disease he has (Epilepsy).
He recently got integrated into Public High School this year
and with that came the joys of regular school, bullies, dances, and all.
So this was his first dance ever and his special ed class went has a group.
They got a Limo to take them down the street to the school
and were just giddy with excitement.

I have always looked at my mother with remarkable awe.
She has had so much strength is raising my brother
and fighting his battles that he cannot fight on his own.
So when I found out he was going to the PROM,
I immediately told my mom that I didn’t think it was a good idea.
The truth is: Kids are MEAN. Seriously they are.
I have learned that truly kind children are few and far between.
Especially to other children who are different.
And as much as I wish I could protect my brother on day to day basis,
I know that is not possible.
My mom assured me that this would be good for him, and we sent him on his way.
At the end of the night when my parents picked him up I immediately got a text message from my mom saying how Ryan (lil brother) absolutely LOVED the Prom.
It warmed my heart.
I know that she knew what was best for him, and it’s truly remarkable to me.
Now that my hubs and I are having a wee one on the way,
it makes me look at her completely different.
I always knew that she was an extraordinary mom, but I think that dealing with a child with special needs puts you in a whole different category. It really puts things in perspective.
Regardless of if our unborn child has special needs or not, I know I have a huge mom role to fill.
So with my brother going to prom it just left me so so proud of everything he has done
and so proud of my mom (& dad too) for everything they have gone through as well =)
I feel like there was no real point to my rambles today.
But if I could say anything it would be,
If you have children teach them kindness.
Kindness to those who are different. Teach them Humility.
To always stick up for those who cannot stick up for themselves.
To show them the right way to treat people.
All too often adults are awkward or unkind to
Children/people with disabilities as well, and it needs to stop.
Thank you for reading what was on my heart today.
It was hard to share, but it is a piece of me
Doesnt he look dapper? :)

So I did take a pic with my fam too, but frankly I looked gross, to I am posting this one instead :)
I love this picture =)


The Modern Type said...

thanks for sharing a small part of your heart ash! this is absolutely beautiful! xo

Christi Contois said...

That last picture says a thousand words. Thanks for sharing Ashley... such a great story :)

Gladys said...

i love this post. SO much. I worked with special needs children and teenagers for about a year and half, and it was one of the most amazing times in my life because it taught me so much. so much about patience, and unconditional love. so thank you for sharing this Ashley. It's beautiful. I'm glad your brother had a great time at prom!

Ashley Perez said...

This is so sweet Ash! I love the way you talk about your family and I love the things you said about remembering to teach our children to be kind. Thanks for sharing this! And girl, you should have a posted a pic of yourself! I need to see your pregg belly (:

Jasmine said...

I loved this post. So real, revealing, and honest. Loveloveloved it! :)

Anonymous said...

A great story. I work with a Transitional Outreach program where were help young adults with disabilities learn to live on their own. They are out of high school. One of our students is so popular that he was crowned Homecoming King this year. He and the kids in this class are such a joy to be around--they can't do much to support themselves--but they work hard at what they do and they are so happy about it. I love to sub in this program because it is a joy to be around them. Congratulations to your brother and all the special friends is his class!!

. said...

Hi Ashley! You don't know me, but I am another photographer in L.A. ( www.nicolettaphotography.com/blog )and I blog stalk ya somtimes. I have yet to leave a pot, but wanted you to know how beautiful your words were. I cried no joke, because your brother looked so happy and having a mom who has worked with special Ed teens for many years I hear the stories and feel their pain. Great post! That's all, sorry for the long comment! :) - Nicole

Jen Berry said...

it's funny how mom's always seem to know best, even if it doesn't sound right at the time. and, it's amazing how siblings want to protect each other. This post just shows why you are such a kind person, not only through your words, but through the story of your family.

Unknown said...

this is such a sweet post. it really touches me, personally, because i too have a brother with disabilities. my brother recently graduated from high school and the feeling of joy and awe i felt was overwhelming. mothers are amazing...but, mothers of disabled children are super heroes :)

Aunt Viv said...

My goodness Ash..couldn't have said one thing about that night, your mom (my sis)...and yes she is remarkable!...and your dad...different or better. Your description and feelings are right on point! YOU will be an amazing mom...you learned from one of the best, who also learned from one of the best XOXO with tears in my eyes, Aunt Viv

Unknown said...

they look so happy! you ruined my mascara but its worth it. such a nice story. your bro and his class look like they had a much better time than i had at my prom!

hope you're feelin good, mama. so excited for the 4th!


carissa said...

oh my gosh..i am sitting here bawling...tears streaming down my face...this is beautiful...you are beautiful...your family is beautiful...so happy for your brother and every one of these precious kids :)