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6 weeks!

So the title of this post is 6 weeks.
Today Crewster is 8 weeks. This is my life, constantly a couple weeks behind schedule!
We are slowly getting adjusted to life with our lil man and its
such an amazing thing.
By far the most amazing thing is seeing Jeff with Crew.
I remember when we were planning our wedding and chatting about kids
and what we would name them,
how we would be with them, and I never had a doubt Jeff would be a
wonderful father.
But truly when you see your husband with your baby
its quite possibly the best feeling in the world.
makes you melt =)
So Feb is turning out to be packed with engagements & weddings so dont worry
I will be back to blogging those soon!
But just because here is our sweet man @ 6 weeks old ;)
Happy Monday Everyone!


Crew's sweet blue eyes!


Crew and his giraffe friend, Jerry Maguire! ;)


Amy said...

he is so cute!! His hair reminds me of little baby duck fluff :)

Cat Watson said...

Aw! So adorable! I am preggo with my second, but I have forgotten how little and precious and fresh they are! Can't wait to see your work in the coming months:)

Unknown said...

Your photographs are lovely. You have the cutest little boy in the world!! I have never heard the name Crew before either... but it's so perfect! I hope your week is off to a great start!

ajira said...

What an adorable little one you've got there. So happy for you three!