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Mother / Son Dance

Words cant even explain how much I adore this shot.
This is Drew & his beautiful mom during their Mother/Son Dance ;)

We are soooo close to our baby countdown now that a million lil things go through my head
about how our life will be with a little man in the mix =)
I am still working on his room, because I am crazy and decided to take on
too many DIY projects to make his room not so "baby-ish".
But I am hoping to blog his room before he actually gets here =)

But okay my point.
I think the thing that continually tugs at my heart strings is
the Mother/Son dance.
While editing my past couple weddings (as well as @ the weddings)
I just become a blubbering mess going through the mother/son dance photos.
I think this one (below) is my favorite.
I hope one day my little man holds onto me like that.
I felt so special to be able to capture this moment...
as much as I realize that a couple's wedding day is about them,
I also see the amazing love & happiness from their parents on that day as well!
It's all so wonderful!
Just my sappiness for the day =)
*if it wasn't sappy it would be complaining about how uncomfortable I am ;)
so I choose sap for today!

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Summer said...

Ok now I'm teary eyed! I have two little boys and when the day comes for them to love a girl that's not their mom is going to be so very hard! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm the proud Mother! Ashley thanks for the photo!
God is good! Not only do I have a wonderful son but now a have Laura as a daughter and Drew's sister Tayler has a sister!