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Cookie Monster or Shrek?

Happy Halloween Friends =)
A while back when I was still feeling super ambitious about Halloween,
the hubs & I were going to dress up as Juno & Bleeker ;) but this baby boy has got the best of me and I just don't have it in me to dress up this year!
Sadly Bubbles didn't get a costume either, we tried to find him this one with no luck =(
poor big boned pups, its hard to find his size! lol!
Sorting through one of my last weddings I found this gem of a shot...
And realized several things:
1. If Shrek and Cookie Monster had a baby it would be me. I am certain
2. I don't really have boundaries with my brides, in the pic I am picking pollen off her boob on her dress. I had to blow it off and gentle remove the rest of the yellow bits so that it didn't smear on her beautiful gown.
3. Really I would do anything for my brides :) I hope they know this!
Despite looking giant this picture really makes me smile,
I am going to miss all my brides from this year so much but I am so excited
to work with my 2011 brides =)
and 2011 brides wont have to worry about the cookie monster showing up at their wedding!

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!!!

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seastararts said...

love the cookie monster!