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My name is Ashley Rose.
First name -Ashley. Last name-Rose. ;)
I am a wife, mother to a lil fat baby boy, a rolly polly english bulldog, & a Wedding Photographer located in beautiful Orange County, California.
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Im not dead! I swear!

Where oh where have all my personal posts gone!
I swear I have a million things going on and sadly personal blog posts
get pushed to the very very back...
which is kind of a bummer since I feel like its my friendship with my clients/readers/haters ;)
Life has been chaos, but amidst the chaos its truly beauitful.
Usually I hate when people get sentimental, but I think this baby boy is softening me up :)
*kinda like Bethenny Frankle! My new bestie!
But even when life is giving you more than you can handle, I have to look around and just be so so grateful for the lovely life I have been given.
So I just felt the need to say thank you!
THANK YOU ALL who have supported my work,
for your kind words/comments/emails!
Truly I feel so honored to play a small role in my client's lives ;)
*And because posts are boring with no photos,
some dress shots from my fabulous Colorado bride :)



Stephanie Hain Torres said...

I, too, am obsessed with Bethenny. I was so sad that the last episode was last night :(

Unknown said...

Woot! While I was already aware that my dress was all kinds of spectacular, you've made it look downright ethereal!

Cat Watson said...

Love that show, I'm slightly obsessed:) Been fun to follow you over this past year of so!