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Rules for my Unborn Son

Anyone who knows me knows I have a long obsession with shoes.
I look at shoes like investment pieces. I don’t care if this makes me sounds crazy,
It’s just what I believe.
Fabulous shoes never go out of style (this goes for bags too, but that’s a whole separate post!)
So while “nesting” for our Baby Boy its not really a shock that I have gone a wee bit crazy with
Baby shoes!!!
Seriously itty biddy tiny shoes are going to be the end of our savings account =)
So as I browsed online for more baby shoes I stumbled back upon
Rules for my Unborn Son”.
Now I remember going through this blog a long time ago and thought,
Wow that’s pretty rad, and just continued on my way.
But rediscovering the blog yet again with our baby boy on the way was completely different.
I am in awe.
It’s something so sweet, clever, and truly such an amazing thing to give to your child someday.
Something with it struck a cord with me and my hubs. And a project was born =)
Before Crew arrives I am bound and determined to create a “rule" book for him –
Compiled of photos/rules ;) I am beyond excited about this!
One of the first rules I read from “Rules for my Unborn Son” was:

“395. Buy good tires, good sheets, and good shoes

Sold! I couldn't’t agree more =) so slowly but surely we are starting to compile our list!
Here are just a couple so far! I cannot wait to post the project (book) when it’s finished!

Call a girl for a proper date. No texting, facebooking, or twitter-ing her.
Pick up the phone and call her

Please and thank you go a long way. Use them


Surf & Snowboard with your dad. Unless you got your mom’s coordination
Then I’m sorry

Learn to dance. Real men can dance

Read. Anything and Everything. You have no idea how far this will get you

Wear sunscreen. Always

To be the “bigger person” never refer to yourself as “the bigger person”

Tip. Well

Learn to cook

Stick up for those who cannot stick up for themselves

Admit when you are wrong. There is nothing worse than someone who is always right

Tighty Whities & CROCS look good on no one

Seek criticism, not praise

Say “I love you” even if your angry

*Oh and here are some of Crew’s shoes that I am obsessed with!
I cannot wait for him to wear them!

Baby Toms

Baby Vans

Baby Cons


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! good advice all around. :) and i LOVE the converse...we just got my 2yo a pr...w/ the high tops...they're a pain to get on...but oh so worth it!

Moore Musings said...

I love this :)

Ashley Perez said...

Awww I love it Ash! I can't wait to see the finished product (:

. s h e r r y * said...

I looove that idea! :D And your rules are pretty awesome :) (Those shoes are all ADORABLE...)

Karla Quiz said...

These are perfect! I love the idea...not to mention the shoes?!

Sophie said...

Such a sweet idea!
And crew is one lucky little man with those shoes!

JL Photographers said...

omg this is too cute! the whole thing, and ESP those shoes!!! you should take pics of every pair of shoes you buy him. EVER. it could be a fun little book for him one day when he gets married. :)

Sarah Frenzel said...

Love the idea! It'll be one of thos things he looks at with fondness when he's 50! And LOVE the tom's... my son needs some of those! :)

Suki said...

beautiful. I really love the idea of the book.

Anonymous said...

those tiny toms are soooooo cute! where can i find the army fatigue toms?