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Party of 4

So if you follow me on twitter, or we are friends on facebook,
or you are actually one of my real live friends then you saw my lil announcement last week.
We are expecting our first baby this Thanksgiving, therefore making our household a Party of 4.
Okay before questions arise let me clarify…
No we are not having twins. And yes we do count our pup as a family member.
Call me crazy, I don’t care.
You know the movie “Marley & Me”…
(Don’t watch it though, it’s devastating-
and if you weren’t devastated from it then I am convinced you are dead inside)
They said their family started well before they had kids; & that is completely how we feel.
Family is what you make of it. And Bubbles will always be our first baby ;)
Okay I am rambling. Any whooooo.
So now you know where I have been!!!!
I had to disappear from blogland/interwebz for a while there and felt awful not being honest.
I am a lying liar that lies
Yes I have been swamped with my website launch and shoots, but truly it hasn’t held me back from blogging. Our lil monster inside my stomach has been the culprit.
Making me incredibly sick. ALL THE TIME. So now that I seem to be seeing the light at the end of this nauseating tunnel all will be right in the blogging world again =)
Don’t worry I wont be doing baby updates on the blog
(Other to share the sex/arrival of the baby)
it will be back to its regular scheduled programming soon!
And since posts are better with pictures,
a shot of me & the hubs from the ever so sweet Jasmine Star,
Back when I could actually fit into this dress
;( le sigh!


Amy said...

so happy for you!

Mama in the 90035 said...

I am so happy for you! You are gonna be such a fabulous mama! And this baby is going to have the best photos ever! xoxo

Cat Watson said...

Congrats! And, I know I wouldn't mind if you did baby updates on your blog:) My daughter just turned one, and she is the best thing to EVER happen to my husband and I. Enjoy mommyhood:)

Abi Q said...

Could you make a baby update blog??

Michelle said...

Congratulations! What an exciting chapter! Love love LOVE your work, and seriously, baby updates are so welcomed! It's your blog, so you can post anything! Anything :) including your precious lil bump!

Kelsey said...

Just came across your blog! Lovely work! Congrats on becoming a mommy! Best job ever!!!

Angel said...

Congratulations! I hope you are feeling better...my two pregnancies were a nightmarish wave of nausea and vomiting. Right up until the point that you are so pregnant that God makes you pregnantly ;-) miserable enough to actually want to go through labor.

And, of course, our four-legged friends are our first babies! And in a way they prepare us!

Erin said...

very very exciting!!!! babies are the best, being a mom is the BEST! I just watched Marley and me thinking I would sob like I did at the theatre...low and behold...i sobbed like a baby again!