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Jessica & Miguel

Gosh I love my clients.
I feel like a broken record sometimes on this blog but I just can’t help it.
I really do adore each and every one of my couples. And Jess & Miguel are no exception!
I think we really clicked when we realized that they were getting married
at the same place I had my own Wedding =)
I think that is some type of Wedding Fate or something!
Jess had emailed me a while back to start brainstorming their engagement session,
*note to brides, this is perfect, I love chit chatting about how to infuse your shoot with who you are as a couple!*
and she had an idea for a cute summer campout and I was immediately sold on the idea!
How could you go wrong with sleeping bags, hot dogs, & marshmellows?!
We found a gorgeous location with some of the prettiest light I have seen in a long time =)
That might sounds odd, but photographers know that lighting is what makes/breaks your photo. I always try to find that sparkly light when I can!!!

I am so honored to be a part of their day, and it holds such a special place in my heart
to shoot at my wedding venue too =)
Thank you Jess & Miguel for being kind/wonderful/amazing clients!
Enjoy your photos!!! You two are stunning =)

Remember this shot, see not a BIG difference below, just a lil pop =)
Oh and how perfectly does Jess match our setup?! We didnt even plan that!!! =)


Megan Plenge said...

LOVE this session! What a cute idea! All the photos are amazing...you did such a great job!

Megan Welker said...

Ashley, you, my friend, are amazing :) Perfect location, light, couple, props...everything!

. s h e r r y * said...

These are SO SO SO cute! <3

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley,

Just wanted to drop a line and tell you I enjoy your work. I'm just starting out in photography, only a few months in and I've followed your blog for a while now and thought I should tell you! Also, just saw on twitter that you are expecting and well... so am I! Due November 5th so if you ever need someone to complain to about the pains of pregnancy or gush over the excitement of it all, I'm right there with ya! Anyways, many blessings on your new baby and congratulations!

Molly Marie Williams

Suki said...

You are such a talented photog.
Gorgeous pictures.