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Baby Declan

I 1st shot this lil man when he was still in here,
so it was soooo wonderful to finally meet him =)
Baby Declan was such a good baby for our shoot, seriously such a lil sweetheart.
He has such a sweet demeanor,
I think you can tell alot about his personality early on ;) He is just so mellow!
Nice work Alana & Brandon!!!
Just some of my favorites from our session with Baby D =)
Hope you enjoy Mom & Dad!

This picture makes me want to steal him :) I'm totally kidding! Kinda...

I love his lil owl themed room =) so adorable! Most of Alana's finds were from ETSY!!!


Mama in the 90035 said...

Ashley, once again you've done it! Thank you for such beautiful photos of my precious Baby D! xoxo

. s h e r r y * said...

OH cuuute. He is just TOO adorable! <3

I Sew Lucky said...

Beautiful photos! Fun seeing my little hoots:)

Alana said...

Great pics of Declan!

Cat Watson said...

Such sweet photos! I love how you captured the details of his room:)

unitedmum said...

He is the cutest thing.....and I LOVE your pics.....xoxo, MOM

susan said...

What wonderful photos of my grandson. You really captured his personality. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the great photos. Thank you, Grandmommy De Leon

Abi Q said...

Oh my goodness these pictures are just perfection!

GrandDonna said...
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GrandDonna said...

The photos of Declan are truly gorgeous. The shots of him make it slightly easier to be so far away from him. Thank you ~ GrandDonna

Erin said...

i love everything about all these pics. he is adorable, i love his room, and especially his owl hat! you took some great ones!