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Heather & Neil

You can tell a lot about someone by how they handle things going awry.
Given that "something" is going to go a lil off course,
it's interesting to see how a couple deals with rain on their wedding day.
And not just "Southern California Rain", pretty much the hardest rain I have seen in years!
Well that is what happened to Heather & Neil.
I had always heard the expression “its good luck for it to rain on your wedding day”
But it was quite possibly the luckiest wedding day I have ever witnessed!!!!
It was pouring rain while the girls were getting ready,
while the bride put on her dress,
and while the groom and his mates were pinning on their bouts.
Then minutes before we head out to start pictures the rain stopped.
*Thank you baby jesus*
Then cocktail hour came and it POURED. I swear it was even hailing!
The Wedding was at the beautiful INN OF THE SEVENTH RAY
So everything was outside (tented) but still outside =)
So as it started pouring, the guests were screaming/laughing as they ran for cover!
It was truly amazing!!!! The best wedding story ever =)
And Heather & Neil were just giddy. So so happy. Nothing fazed them. It was perfect.
I love that!!!!
And now they are having the time of their lives in Jamaica (insert jealous tone) =) I kid I kid.
Thank you Heather & Neil and your lovely families
for letting me play a part in such a special day!

*And thank you Mr. Haack for bearing the rain, mud, and storm with me for this wedding!


Megan Welker said...

what a sweet wedding! Love the portraits! Looks like the weather was in your favor :)

. s h e r r y * said...

Gorgeous photos! <3 I love the ring shot!!

Michelle said...

Awww...these are so sweet! Your editing is so beautiful! And I agree with Sherry...love the ring shot!

hmac said...

ashley these are beautiful! i can't wait to see the rest! thank you so much for being part of our rainy day wedding - we will forever love the stormy skies!