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Anthropologie Anonymous

Its kind of a sick drug. I've come to realize that Anthropologie is my crack.
Well you get it :)
No really I frequent this establishment numerous times during the week.
It's getting to the point of embarrassing/boarder line stalking the housewares department.
But it pays off to be a stalker! {Can we have that on my tombstone please?!}
creepiest thing to come out of my mouth in a while.
Anywoooooooooo. my latest finds.
$1 candlesticks (Originally $12) that I am in LOVE with (I got some gray and a ton of Blue!)
$14 candle stick holder (not on sale though)
$18.00 Teapot (Originally $70) see below!!!!
Oh and I decided to make a lil table runner last night.
A ghetto/maybe semi crafty table runner?!
I just got kraft wrapping paper and wrapped it around the middle part of our table :)
Yes I know. Interior Decorator at your service. {Sigh}
Well we are slowly getting our downstairs redecorated and I cannot wait to show all of you the changes. Minor and cheap as they are I think it's making a huge difference!
Everything got painted last week and it's amazing what a difference that makes :)
This weekend: Operation Pretty Bathroom
Cannot wait to show you the final result!
*Oh and seriously I think that there needs to be a support group for other
Anthroholics out there like me :)

Pretty pink ranculous from Traders Joes :)


. s h e r r y * said...

EE! I looove Anthropologie! Too bad we don't have one in Vancouver. Every time I go to one, I spend SO much time in there, petting every surface and relishing in the awesomeness that is Anthropologie <3 <3

KatieNealPhoto. said...

Um, I will join your Anthro support group! We should start one, and have our meetings involving shopping there together! :) Cute photos!!!katie@katienealphoto.com

Amy said...

cuteness! I just finished a before and after chair today but I am so mad at myself for not taking a before pic!!

Unknown said...

I indeed have this teapot!
And I will be in an anthroanonymous group. I am in dire need and so is my checkbook.

You're photos made my day!

Sarah Frenzel said...

um yeah.. I am totally on that boat!! Anthro is pure bliss!!!! Can't ever get enough of it! Now if only I could afford more things there... I could bring more of the bliss into my home! :) www.thefrenzelsblog.com