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4 cupcakes & an Organic Beer

That was my dinner last night.
4 cupcakes + an organic beer.
I must say I feel pretty good about the combo.
Food Inc would be proud :)
* I have still yet to watch Food Inc, since I am not quite ready to change (neither here nor there)
It was just one of those days, where nothing really seemed to go right.
Let me preface this by saying this is not a pity post, I repeat, NOT A PITY POST :)
Anyway it was just a crazy/chaotic day.
The pup was being ridiculous and I ended up making a emergency run to Sprinkles.
Yes emergency run.
While I was there I realized that Bub's (the dog) day was just as bad as mine,
considering at that point we weren't on the best of terms.
So I picked out 4 cupcakes for me, 1 doggies cupcake for Bubs
(he is watching his girlish figure, me= not so much)
As soon as we were home, I toasted cupcakes with my dog
"To better & worse days"
I savored my cupcakes and Bubs ate his in less than 10 seconds. So no picture. :(
But our lil toast
(okay I didn't really talk to my dog in my kitchen alone, more of an inner monologue
-I'm not that crazy- lol)
made me realize that even on my worst days I couldn't imagine life differently.
Even on those "bad" days I still realize that I would rather be having my worst day with my
hubs & bubs than having my best day without them =)
So cheers to cupcakes, organic beer, and bad days!

*And bubs wanted to say hi! So of course some pics of our lil monster!


Creating.Myself said...

perfectly said =)

The Modern Type said...

i love your dinner choice! we should be neighbors so i can come over when you cook cupcakes and beer! xoxo

Megan Welker said...

loving your outlook :) If I lived closer,I'd have beer and cupcakes with you for dinner! this last photo of you pup needs to be blown up! I love it!!

JL Photographers said...

omg i love him!!! and cupcakes too ;) I often choose dessert and wine over dinner. Its really the best way to go LOL--A win WIN situtation

Megan Plenge said...

I love pics of your pup...he's so cute! But...um...where are the pics of the cupcakes??? I really wish Sprinkles would arrive in SD soon! :) I love reading your blog...your words make me smile!