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Summer & Andy

A lil backstory for you lovelies... my middle name is Summer. Not Rose.
Most people think its a Southern thing (or something?!) like Ashley-Rose,
but its not :) Rose is my last name. Any who... my husband always calls me by my middle name.
Usually Summee! So upon meeting Summer I immediately wanted to call her Summeeeeeee :)
But I refrained ; ) even though Summer said I could call her that!
Andy & Summer are OOC (a la Rachel Zoe)
So unbelievably photogenic, such a beautiful couple, and so sweet together!
We had so much fun roaming around newport beach
finding hidden urban nooks to shoot in :)
Thank you both for choosing me to be a part of your amazing day! I cannot wait for July =)

July 9th - woo hoo!

Not my typical shot, but I still love it :)


Anonymous said...

Love the bold colors in this shoot! I noticed in many of the pictures the top and bottom of the frame is blurred, is this from shooting wide open? Like that effect:) Great job!

La Belle Bride said...

your work is seriously rad.

Jen Berry said...

i love that wide shot. the light is spectacular. composition perfect. romance, check.

laura said...

i love your photos. even my 5 year old son was looking at them when i stepped away and said " they're pretty, all of them are pretty" lol