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So it’s kind of crazy when you look back at the previous year.
We celebrated a fantastic thanksgiving dinner with our friends this week,
and it had all of us looking back at our last year and being thankful for all of its changes.
Technically it’s been a year and a half, but roughly last year Carlie and Gabriel came into my life! They created an amazing photo booth @ our wedding
and have since become incredible friends!
I never would have thought that my passion would be wedding photography,
but it’s crazy how much has changed in a year’s time.
People have shifted out of my life, and people have shifted into it.
And I am so blessed for that.
Since starting this photography journey Gabriel & his baby mama (love you Car!)
have been so ridiculously encouraging =) I am so thankful for you both!
And if you don’t know, Carlie & Gabriel recently added a lil addition to their beautiful Family… Baby Lincoln Roe! Who has completely stolen my heart =)

So now that I am done with my thankful rant, onto some pics!
I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot for Gabriel a couple weeks before Mr. Roe was born!
It was such a gorgeous wedding, please check out the Gabriel Ryan blog =)
They truly create such beautiful and inspiring images- LOVE THEM!
This is the Shade Hotel logo. I think it looks quite dashing Gabriel :)

Fabulous bouquet, details, decor by the amazing JL Designs!!!!

I got to be Macgyver on the roof :)

Really proud of this shot =)


Mary Marantz said...

these are FANTASTIC!!!

Unknown said...

beautiful images! love the reflection in the glass table! :)

gabriel.ryan. said...

so much fun!! i hope we get to shoot together lots in 2010 :)

JL Photographers said...

Love these! That first shot is so funny.. Lol

Anda said...

these are FANTASTIC, ashley! thanks again for being part of an awesome modeling duo at the j* workshop!

Chaz Cruz said...

mmmm donuts. haha love them ashley!

Art of Ordinary Living said...

came across your page from jasmine star's blog, you are so beautiful and talented.



carissa said...

ash - i am SO proud of you! just look at what a wild ride this past year has been! i am so glad we met and i cant wait to see what the future holds for us both! :) xoxoxoxoxo

Megan Welker said...

ashley.. you rock. plain and simple. that reflection shot is amazing! keep up your amazing work :)

Josh said...

Lovely work!!! Now you got me craving donuts!!!

Sarah Frenzel said...

Just wanted to say you are cute! I was just reading some of your recent posts. you're getting REALLY good girlie!!!