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Stephanie, Jacob, and his Aunties

You should recognize this handsome fellow from our session earlier in the year,
and oh my gosh he looks like such a lil man now =)
I just love Stephanie,
I absolutely love that she understands the importance of pictures of Jacob,
he has changed so much over the course of the year, and is always soooo fun to shoot!!!
We also took some of Steph & her beautiful sisters while we were @ Balboa Island,
and they are all stunning!!!
We started out on the ferris wheel, I jumped in a cart and it went straight to the top,
nearly had a panic attack and realized that probably wasn't going to work shooting wise.
I got off, and Steph & Jacob hopped on. He semi-panicked getting in the cart.
But once it was going he was hilarious, he LOVED it!
He would try and rock the cart when it was stopped :) seriously no fear.
Thank you girls for being amazing, and rocking it out like ANTM,
and Jacob couldn't be cuter if he tried. I swear the HAIR kills me every time. I adore it.
Enjoy & Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

The Carousel had beautiful light =)
How ridiculously beautiful are these sisters!?!!?!

I love his lil expressions!


Ashley Perez said...

The same thing happened to me with that same ferris wheel a few weeks ago! That thing goes sooooo fast! Wow. Good thing J was on the ground. Love that last shot of Balboa (:

Moore Musings said...

I love that he is flashing the blue steel face. ha.

Dennise said...

What a great shoot! That little boy has such a hip hairstyle! xo