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*warning this is an interesting cocktail of a post filled with changes, new love, and bragging*

I have always been adverse to change. Really not a fan.
(Ashley is “Not a FAN of Change” via Facebook)
okay I don’t really have that on my facebook,
nor do I refer to myself in 3rd person, because that is just uber creepy.
But really I am just one of those people that when I find something I love I stick with it,
and don’t like to stray.
I think my hubs gets a tad bit annoyed when I constantly ask for sushi every night, & then get the same exact thing every time.
The place I am in right now in my life is filled with change.
Some change terrifies me. Some excites me. And it’s helping me grow.
I have been working on some side projects for a while now,
and I am thrilled that it will all be coming together within the next couple months =)
Also if you noticed- I changed some of my existing labels on the bloggity blog:

The Love: pretty much where my photography stems from (ie: my heart & my rants & raves)
The Question: the question you say YES to, the start of your love story
The Day: It’s your Wedding Day! Hooray!
The Beginning: the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Kiddos & Families
The Misc: Delightful moments documented... Just Because!

And I found a new LOVE.
My new MAC came on Sat and I AM OBSESSED.
Eeeeeek, I really don’t know how I ever survived without a MAC?!

So I promised this Forever ago… and I am finally delivering!
I cannot get enough of the creativity that is JESI HAACK. I shot some details for this amazing baby shower she designed. And just want to brag about her. K?! K =)
Seriously I am thrilled for all the amazing things in store for her!
I can’t say this enough; she is your gal if you want a wedding that is TRULY ABOUT YOU. =) She is a Rock Star

The Shower was at Strawberry Farms, so beautiful there!
Oh & she made the cake, and made all the floral arrangements as well, TALENTED.

Oh the details =) seriously she is amazing!


Jen Berry said...

man (i mean WOman) she is talented. I assume it was for a baby girl. kidding. get it. ha. Really she is super uber talented. I love all the details. You did a great job photographing it as well. xoxox

brionyskerjance said...

stinkin love that first shot!

Unknown said...

i wish i were at that party. beautifully designed and even more beautifully photographed. you guys make a great team!

Anonymous said...

This must have been a wonderful shower. All the beautiful details. Love them and your photos!

Megan Plenge said...

Awesome colors! Good luck with all of the changes coming up...you will do great!!

jesi haack weddings said...

oh stop! I'm blushing! I LOVE YOU.

My Sweet & Saucy said...

What a perfect match you and Jesi are! The photos are gorgeous!