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I have to say at first I was a hater. A hater of facebook.
But then I caved. And I am so so glad that I did.
I have gotten back in contact with so many old friends
& now have the pleasure of shooting them!
So when Stephanie found me via facebook
and wanted to set up a shoot for her lil guy I was ecstatic =)
Not only is Stephanie a wonderful mommy to baby Jacob,
but seriously I cant even believe she has had a CHILD. She is one hot momma! Seriously!!! (And I don't just throw out 'Hot Momma' in everyday jargon but she deserves it)
Jacob was such a joy to shoot; he has the most gorgeous blue eyes,
and some serious Robert Pattinson hair, and this is in my book the BEST HAIR. EVER. =)
Thank you Steph for letting me snap some pics of your handsome happy lil guy;
he is going to be such a heart breaker ;)

I think this is the perfect example of how fast this lil guy was,
definitely gave me my cardio for the day! :)

Really he is anything BUT bad, but I thought this was too cute!

My favorite shot of the day =)
Dear God, when I have kids please say I will look like Stephanie after, k?!, Thanks!

By far the cutest thing was watching Jacob try to take off his shirt.
Seriously it was A.DOR.ABLE!

I know I might be the only one who loves these, but I really think it's so cute when lil guys cry.
Given I dont have children, so maybe the crying cuteness wears off,
but I thought he looked so so precious!


My Sweet & Saucy said...

How stinkin cute are these photos!!! I really have to get my mom to pin down a date for our session...I can't wait!

The Modern Type said...

Jacob is a DOLL! Great job Ash. Kid shoots are TOUGH!

P.S. Lovin' your watermark on the top pic. =)

Amy said...

so cute!

Jessica said...

What a cute little guy! These are fabulous Ashley!

Jen Berry said...

I want to look like her before i have kids. ha. very cute. ditto on the watermark.

Melissa Vossler said...

lovely session!!! that hair is to die for!!!

Megan Plenge said...

omg...look at that hair!! i love these!!

Anonymous said...

I love the last one. Just so expressive. He's really cute and evryone wants to look like his mommy afterwards, eh?!

Nicole Monique said...

Ashley you did an amazing job with this session! I have a two year old and I swear every other picture is blurry or she isn't looking at me. You must share where she got her outfit from it is adorable!

lauren said...

I love the picture of him crying, too! So precious :)