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Baby Jacob

Baby Jacob holds a special place in my heart.
He is technically my 2nd cousin (but that’s a wee bit technical so I am pushing Auntie) and is the ripe age of 7 months.
My cousin (Jacob’s Mom) is 3 months older than me, and we pretty much grew up attached at the hip!
We’ve seen each other through so much, from our Disneyland excursions that turned disastrous (we were stubborn 3 yr olds who insisted on wearing jellies to D-Land, and yes we learned our lesson quick that that was bad news!),
Growing closer in the wake of our grandmother’s death, and both of us becoming adults (yeah scary!)
Well this past year she hit a milestone and had a lil bundle of Boy!!!!!
And we always used to say we wanted our kiddos 3 months apart too, but sadly all Jacob got was a lil bundle of fur to play with instead of a cousin =)
So I have been meaning to snap some pics of this guy forever and we finally got around to doing a mini shoot!
There will definitely be more of Jake on the bloggity blog in the coming months, since we will be doing a shoot with him & his whole family!
I truly couldn’t love him more, and I get all emotional just thinking of what a great mom my cousin (Ambee!!!!) has become =)
I love you both oodles & oodles!


The Modern Type said...

I want to eat him! The foot in mouth upside down shot is my absolute fave! Fantastic work, you!

Meg said...

How funny we both have 2nd cousins up on the blog today!!! Great work- what an adorable little guy!!!

jesi haack weddings said...

your work just gets more and more impressive! of course, i like the one of the little butt the best!

Jen Berry said...

i love the foot in the mouth. something i do a lot. these are great

brionyskerjance said...

these are wonderful...i love that rope name thingy! super cool :)

to answer your question, most the time i stumble upon vacant lots on my way home. i live in the country part of michigan and there are lots of abandoned or broken down barns to explore...thanks for all the sweet comments!

unitedmum said...

LOVE the pics of Jacob, Sweetie; the nakey ones are my favorite!! You just keep getting better and better!!! xoxoxo MUM


love the one of him eating his toe toes! so cute!

mindy said...

So happy to find your blog.. made me smile in such a big way :)

Anonymous said...

I love his name in the rope!!!! SO original! Good job, Ashley!

Jessica said...

He is SO CUTE! I love his chubby little legs!