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New Mantra

I sooooo have to get this poster for my office!!! (Thanks for the find Chelsea)

Poster by Jamie Shelman via Frolic

Sorrrrrrrrrrry for my lack of posts, i completely dropped off the blog world for a bit.
Last night i had to just stop.
I had a million things to do but i just walked away from it & made my husband dinner ;)
I cant even remember the last time I cooked...
and in that moment I truly became so appreciative of my best friend/hubby.
His love and support is unbelievable while I start my business.
I am learning that sometimes I have to walk way from the work,
and breathe, enjoy my life and all its blessings.
I am working on finding my balance with all it.
But good news I have a fantastic shoot to blog (from my Day with DrewB!) and sooo much Wedding Goodness on the back burner :) so check back sooooon friends!


brionyskerjance said...

i love this! i need to get it too :)
I can't wait to see all your latest photos!

the haystack needle said...

Second that mantra. It seems everyone I know (including myself) is in flux and has forgotten how to breathe.