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When I first started this blog, I had no idea where it would take me.
I was hopeful and had wishful thinking about it…
but never thought I would make it to my 100th post so fast!
This blog truly has become my creative outlet, and you bloggers have become people I admire, respect and completely adore.
So it seemed fitting to for the 100th post to blog my “Day with
I have no words for how amazing
Drew is
(oh and I totally wish I had her name, its soooooooo not fair -my name is boring)!
I really cannot even begin to explain how much clarity I got from Drew ; )
she is such a wonderful teacher and truly a inspiration to me as a photographer,
friend & mommy.
Before I get even more sappy with this post lets just move on and head to the pictures
(I must warn you there a lot- but hey I only have one “100th post”!)
Sorry Drew :) but you are too cute in action!!!!


HazelnutPhotography said...

I Love Love Love Love Love the backlit shots. And the one from above. And the ones in the tall dead grass. But the one of him dipping her... ahhh... fantastic! Excellent work!

Melissa Vossler said...

Well done Ashley! These are, by far - my favorite of all your photos to date. The light is yummy, the composition is creative, and the couple is beautiful. Sooooo loving this session!

brionyskerjance said...

these are beautiful...such a wonderful use of light. i love all the different angles and backdrops! great job!

jesi haack weddings said...

these ROCK! congrats on your 100th post! I can't believe you have time to blog when you just wasted 3 hours of your life on The Bachelor!

Shelby said...

YAY! Congrats on 100 and I agree with Melissa - these are the best I've seen so far. AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

FREAK!!!! These are MIND BLOWING!!!!

Megan Welker said...

I think It's safe to say you these are amaaaaazing! Way to go Ashley!!

loveology said...

Absolutely breathtaking!
It made me really happy looking at this gorgeous photographs...

Thanks for your comment, dear!


Julie Ann said...

oh wow...these photos are so lovely! the light, the bold colors, her accesories. sounds like a day with drew was SO worth it!

ally michele said...

so pro status! Great job! They are beautiful! Congrats on the 100! whoot whoot! :)

Jessica said...

It is so wonderful that you got to shoot with Drew B. I am soooooo jealous! :) These images are AWESOMENESS! I am just blown away at your mad skills these days Ashley!!

Abigail Q said...

Wow! So hot girl! I love EVER SINGLE ONE!

jamie said...

WOW these are great... drew is pretty amazing... loved spending the day w/ her. you really did a great job!!!!

ramil said...

simply gorgeous images!

AHS Photography said...


Nicole DeAnne said...

great shoot! I am in love with her style! I think you did a great job! woohoo!

Unknown said...

Hi Ashley!

I just stumbled across your blog and am so in love with this session! What a wonderful opportunity and you made some beautiful images! Absolutely wonderful!