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Roses & Mustaches

Okay so I am about to head outta town for the weekend with my hubby
and before I go I wanted some feedback :)
Please stalkers come out of the woodwork, I promise I don't bite!
Well here is my dilemma.
My website is still in the works
(hopefully it will be up soon y'all- don't know why i decided to talk like b-spears but okay)
this blog has become my everything.
Literally everything in my puny lil brain I just pop right on onto the blog.
Now this is where you come in...
For me I treat this blog as my friend, I try and show things,
ideas that speak to me and show a bit of who i am.
As a budding photographer I want my clients to know me,
really know me on a friend level.
While planning my own wedding I remember someone telling me
"Don't hire someone unless you like them" & that stuck with me.
When I hired my own wedding photographers I loved who they were as people as well as their obvious talent & since our wedding we have become great friends!
Sorry I do have a point.
I don't want to be an "over sharer" by any means,
so here is my question.
Should I:
a) tone down the personal posts yo- just pretty pictures!
b) start another blog and post all the "for the bride" & "random inspiration" posts there,
this one solely shoots!
c) keep doing what your doing, just organize it a bit more!
d) Your own solution of what you think I should do
Again my new blog will have multiple pages to it will be completely organized
(1st page-all shoots) and then a separate page for ideas, ideas, ideas!
I would love your input!!!!!


Melissa Vossler said...

I've really enjoyed the current outlook. I most definitely think you should keep it as it is. I think it speaks volumes of you as a person....and you are right - your clients should know you as a friend. And friend is definitely how I feel after having read your blog for some many months now.

Enjoy the weekend. Wish I was gettin' out of town!!

jesi haack weddings said...

i like your blog! i wouldn't change anything, but i really like the idea of keep doing what your doing but organize it a bit more...it sounds like you are on the right track!!!! i'm excited to see the final product!

Ashley Perez said...

Ash, this blog just screams you so don't do anything or take out anything you don't want to. You're great as you are and such a good resource for future brides! I love you to pieces.

Megan Welker said...

Love it the way it is! I think you'll feel much more organized with your new blog! Dont change it up! I feel like i know you through your blog! haha

Shelby said...

Ahh so I'm not the only one? Rich and I are shooting a wedding in a week - yikes! And naturally I would want to post the photos on my blog.

HOWEVER - when I think about the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles viewing these photos I wish it was a little more professional. Like I don't think they want to see my weird self portraits all over the place :)

Therefore I plan on posting a sneak peak on Shelby Nycole and posting the actual post on the new blog (whatever that may be)

I agree that this blog of yours is fantastic and I wouldn't change a thing about it. But I don't think it would hurt to have a more straightforward, professional, photography only blog.
And with that blog you can still be yourself, tell funny stories about the couple, gush about how great their wedding party was...etc.

Ok those are my two cents. Hope it helps :)


Julie Ann said...

as a future bride and an aspiring photographer, i say keep your blog the same! it has so many cute ideas and just says tons about your personality.
aside from that, there are so many cute ideas that you don't have to be a future bride to appreciate or use~

Unknown said...

i read through the other ladies comments and I think I agree most with SHelby! The 'you' stuff needs to be here somewhere, but a page specifically for wedding wouldn't hurt :) Love the blog though no matter what!

lizanne said...

Hey Ashley! Definitely keep the content. Content is king. Read this article about web smarts I wrote: http://www.entrepreneur.com/websmarts/article199536.html

Actually, give a glance thru any of the web smarts articles on any of the 8 industries on that page--not just the "professional services" one. There are different tips in each one but all of them are useful.

Essentially, you're going to want to keep all this great content on your blog but tag it and organize it better, then, gradually, as you add more clients, you'll be posting those engagement/wedding photos on the homepage of your blog along with your candid thoughts. Please keep your voice/ramblings/non-wedding related inspirations and don't worry about censoring out words like "hell" and such. This will actually give you an edge and differentiate yourself from competitors.

~Your friend Liz, Entrepreneur Magazine's Associate Editor and lover of Ashley Rose Photography!

lizanne said...

"Provide a clear and easy way for visitors to your site to get a quote or estimate of your services."

--That's probably the most important thing to remember as a photographer (with your pro site, of course, not blog). Too many times photogs don't post their package prices, and this causes visitors to your site more often than not to surf out as quickly as they surfed in. So, maybe you don't want to turn potential clients off by posting ridiculously expensive packages. But, if you're worth it, don't underestimate your worth. Just include one sentence saying something like " If you don't see something that will work for you, just let me know and I'll be happy to see if we can put together a custom package to better suit your needs."