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Argyle is the New Black

So I shot some pictures of our lil Turd Burglar this weekend
(lovely term of affection given to Mr. Bubbles from my Hubby)
& he was not so happy with me when I put him in this vest...
But seriously doesn't he look dapper?!?!

Mr. Bubbles is a lil English bulldog pup,
he is 9 weeks old today!
He is literally is like a baby in way so many ways,
it's sooo much work but completely worth it.
But I do think his head is getting a lil big these days...
considering everywhere we go the ladies just go crazy over him (Like The Beatles fans crazy!)
I already told the hubby that if he takes the pup out in public without me
the 1st thing out of his mouth needs to be "I'm Married" :).
Seriously Mr. Bubs is a chick magnet!
Well Happy Birthday Mr. Bubsicle
(we are big on nicknames in the Rose household)
We love you bunches and bunches!


Jessica said...

Awww... He looks so charming and sophisticated in his little vest!

Mary Marantz said...

omigosh! dapper for sure!!!

carlie.renee. said...

next week! i have to meet him. i am in love with him already.

AHS Photography said...

dude he looks pretty rad in that sweater. -Aaron

Jen Berry said...

are you kidding me. he is ridiculously cute!

carissa said...

english bulldogs are my favorite ever and yours is to die for! me and my hubby want to get a french bulldog...hopefully soon! mr. bubbles makes me want to take the doggie plunge!!!