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Its a Charlie Brown Christmas

One thing that always excites me is Christmas;
Just everything about this time of year is filled with such goodness.
I decided to compile a list of things that I heart about Christmas.
(a lil barf-tastic but oh well)

Every year without a doubt I have to watch “Love Actually” probably my favorite movie ever!
You can just feel the Christmas Cheer!
Tree Trimming with my hubby, we have been doing this for 3 years now, and it’s the best.
He gets the hard to reach spots, and I pretend to let him decorate the tree
(think Monica in that episode of FRIENDS –yup that is me)
Laying in bed on Christmas Eve, I don’t know what it is
but that feeling is magical and I am just so happy for my life

Baking Christmas cookies (this year its going to be cupcakes, remember I love cupcakes)
but really who doesn’t have the fondest memories of
making sugar cookies with their mum at Christmas!
Driving around looking at Christmas lights
with of course hot chocolate and chocolate covered graham crackers
Showing up at my parent’s house and seeing “A Christmas Story” (TBS Marathon) playing,
I don’t think my dad will EVER get sick of that movie.

Looking back I realize how much the presents really matter at Christmas.
I can’t say that every year I think of that one gift I opened,
I just remember how I felt and the love & cheer of being with the people
who mean the most to me.
I wish Christmas came more than once a year, so maybe people (myself included)
wouldn’t need reasons to spend time together.
I think that will be another new years resolution for me :)
Wishing you warm fuzzies this holiday!

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