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Correction: Little Mrs. Shy

I used to by painfully shy, while I am still pretty shy I am definitely not as bad as I used to be.
I have come along way from my hiding behind my mother, now I simply hide behind my husband.
Okay that’s not entirely true, but he is completely the opposite of me, he LOVES to meet new people and chat it up for hours. While I tend to take a bit of warming up…
Well this week I decided that I needed to do more things that scare me/make me uncomfortable.
This new photography world is not something I can hide in his shadows with, this is something I am doing on my own.
I realized that the greatest things that had happened to me happened because I took a chance and put myself out there.
ABS elections in high school- giving a speech in front of 3,000 kids is terrifying but I pushed through since I wanted the position so bad & I got it! Oh ick I really did just reference High School!
Meeting my (now) husband, even though we went to high school together he was a Senior and I was a Freshman, so needless to say I didn’t udder a word to him back in the day (Specifically an occurrence he loves to give me a hard time about is the fact that he passed me in the hall and said Hi! To which I just gave him a terrified deer in the headlights look and slinked away- Yup awesome moment for me!) Well anyway right after high school I saw him at a sushi bar and mustered up the courage to walk by him (not going to lie, a cocktail helped me through that one) and started chatting him up (regardless of what you say Hubby- I HIT ON YOU 1ST!)
Anyways where I was going with my rant was that starting out in this photography world has left me with the dreaded “new school” feeling, longing for someone to befriend me in the cafeteria. Well on Tuesday night I bought myself some courage (in the form of a cocktail – I kid, I kid) and decided to attend a fun
shindig for Wedding Photographers! I literally thought I was going to just start crying because I was soooooo nervous to be there, but I pushed through and decided to chat up some photogs and you know what- THEY WERE NICE!
I wasn’t trying to be someone I wasn’t, I told everyone I talked to I was the newbie and just loved learning it all, they were all so encouraging, it was amazing. While I got to meet some new peeps, it just so happened that my
favorite photogs attended the event as well! The whole event really got me thinking in terms of who I want to be as a photographer. I want to be me. I want people to like me for who I am, I don’t feel like I have to be friends with everyone, yet I want to be nice to everyone. So going forward I really do hope to build a comradery with other photographers, but I realized with the help of an awesome book that I need to figure out what is best for me and start there! It’s been a scary week for me, but I don’t want to live my life with self doubt.
In the end I am glad I went, I had fun, and learned a lot, and pushed myself to be more.

Hmm Roger Hargreaves- what would a Little Miss Shy & a
Little Mr. Busy book make…. Not sure if the Hubs and I are ready for that just yet!!!!

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AHS Photography said...

I was so stoked to see you there! BTW I love reading your stories! You are awesome and I love you lots :)