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Elisa & Komron. The Day

I am finally posting my first wedding of 2012 on the blog!!!! Can you even believe it?! :) 
Thank you Elle & Komron for being so patient with this blog post! 
I absolutely loved capturing your day =)
Elle & Komron are just the cutest and one of the funniest couples I know,
my hubs has been friends with Komron for years
and Elle is his perfect match!

Had a wonderful team for their gorgeous wedding day:

Design/coordination: Picture Perfect Events
Florals: The Vine's Leaf
Rentals: Found Vintage Rentals

I think by FAR my FAVORITE part of this wedding was the fact that the bride and groom
surprised everyone with PUPPIES (to play with not keep ; ) )
Sweetest lil St. Bernard Puppies!
Every wedding should have puppies.... just sayin =)

Onto their photos! :)
cover TarkeshianWedding38web makeup TarkeshianWedding31web TarkeshianWedding11web dress bouquet TarkeshianWedding9web bm TarkeshianWedding364web bride groom firstlook TarkeshianWedding148web couple TarkeshianWedding238web puppies TarkeshianWedding252web puppysneaks14web puppysneaks7web puppysneaks10web TarkeshianWedding428web TarkeshianWedding403web flowers TarkeshianWedding398web details TarkeshianWedding473web TarkeshianWedding461web TarkeshianWedding526web TarkeshianWedding528web TarkeshianWedding532web TarkeshianWedding551web TarkeshianWedding556web givingaway TarkeshianWedding621web TarkeshianWedding611web ceremony TarkeshianWedding633web TarkeshianWedding662web TarkeshianWedding857web

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Unknown said...

I absolutely love your photography! Every event you shoot seems to be pretty spectacular, but you definitely have a way of bringing them to life even through my computer screen. You will be at the top of my list for any photography I need in the future :)

What I'd love to know is where did this Elisa (Elle) get her wedding dress?! It is absolutely gorgeous and I'm obsessed with it!!