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Lauren & Steve. The Question

I fell in love with Lauren & Steve before I ever met them...
We didn't meet until their engagement session :)
We had a phone chat last year and couldn't help but be completely giddy over all their wedding details
and just who they are! And they lived up to the HYPE in person! =)
They are absolutely adorable, witty,  & clever....
 and perfectly complete each other!
They wanted to start our session @ The Grove in LA ...
it's been a big part of their relationship :) which I just love!
The Farmer's Market was amazing...
it was perfect for our session =)
we then made our way to a park by their home!
Thank you Lauren and Steve for allowing me to capture your day,
I am so so excited for your wedding day :) and to hang out again!

And how GORGEOUS is Lauren ;) she was beautified by the lovely 1011 Makeup Gals!!! 

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Abi Q said...

Such an adorable couple! Total Ashley rose vibe.