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Im not dead... just pregnant... :)

So my blog is covered in cobwebs... I cannot remember the last time I was able to blog.
But finally the cat is out of the bag.... I am not dying! I am pregnant!
And so unbelievably sick :( which is why this blog has just been so empty!
With chasing after my crazy little man, engagement season, and being so horribly
sick this pregnancy it's making blogging a low priority :(
I am finally out of my first trimester so I am hoping this sickness passes and I can catch up with
a ton of engagements that I need to blog!
I feel so grateful for my brides this year who have been so understanding in all of this!
I am so blessed by you all =)

In other news we did just find out what we are having.... a baby GIRL!
I am still in shock about it! We are over the moon so THRILLED to be having a daughter :)
It's making all this sickness bearable :)
And since I haven't posted any pics of our lil man in quite some time-here are some
shots of our preppy lil easter bunny!





Teva said...

Congrats on the pregnancy (and having a girl)! Cant wait for you to shoot our big day :) xoxo

Joe+Kathrina said...

Stop it with his purple pants! Love! And a huge congratulations to you and the fam bam!!

Frederique said...

Congratulations!! Hope you will feel better soon! And your little boy is sooo cute! Love his trousers too :)