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I am a wife, mother to a lil fat baby boy, a rolly polly english bulldog, & a Wedding Photographer located in beautiful Orange County, California.
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New Year- New Resolutions!

Que cliche New Year's Eve blog post...
Sorry but I couldn't help myself!
I am bound and determined to keep my New Year's Resolutions this year =)
First up was creating (and keeping up with it as well) a FACEBOOK Business Page!
And I did it! It's such an awkward thing to ask people to "like you" .... but I decided that ultimately it's a great thing to do for my business :)
You can LIKE ME right HERE!
Now all my SNEAKS will be shown here so future brides make sure you follow it :)

Another resolution I made was to branch out more in different areas
of my photography business.
On it's way soon :) Valentine's Mini Sessions for kiddos!!!
I am so excited for all the ideas I have for this : ) I will be posting info soon!

Also another fun thing I decided to offer this year.... Mini Mentor Sessions :)
I have taken a few workshops which have been so amazing, but I will truly never forgot
my mentor session one on one with a photographer when I was first starting out.
It pushed me to another level and I am forever grateful for that one on one session.
Over the years I have always wondered about what other photographer's did in
so many part's of their business and wished someone would have shown me
that stuff when I was starting out... so EMAIL ME if you are interested in learning more
about these Mini Mentor Sessions :)

And a post wouldn't be complete without a photo :)....
so my lil man on Christmas Morning!

*Note that we totally wrapped up stuff he already had and had him reopen them...
he was way more into the wrapping paper than anything :) lol!


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