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Marriage. What I've Learned.

So when I first started my blog I was so eager. Eager to share my heart, hopes & dreams to the internet. Mostly because I knew that NO ONE was reading my blog.
Now I am more reserved. Not because my readership as slightly improved :) but because the internet is a pretty vulnerable place. Opening up means being open to any reaction
you get for your opinion you post. Since this isn't a mommy blog I try to keep my "baby chat" to a minimum. So I was thinking how can I share more about myself (like i used to) but still connect to my clients :)
And *poof* I figured I would share what I have learned about marriage.
By no means am I a marriage expert, nor do I claim to have a perfect marriage ;)
Just thought I would share random things I have learned during my life with my man friend...

* Dont go to bed angry...... UMM okay anyone ever been in this position?! Sorry but sometimes you have to go to bed angry. Being tired + grouchy usually leaves me to make little to no sense in a disagreement. Sometimes you need sleep to clarify everything. :)

*Do you really know someone....... Me and Jeff took the road less traveled. We lived in sin 3 years prior to getting married. Honestly we both knew living together was going to be the hardest thing and wanted to really see what it was like. Its been 8 years now that I have lived with my hubs and I swear I am *still* learning odd and quirky things about him. (bottom line: boys are weird)

*The Woo...... Okay when me and the hubs were dating, the wooing was @ an all time high! Slowly as time goes by you forget about the little things and kind of lose that "dating" feeling.
Add kiddos into the mix and it is so much harder to just focus on each other.
Now we know how precious date nights are =) and a sweet note goes a LONG WAY.

*Your Wedding....... I met with a sweet couple recently and they brought up something that made my heart hurt. They apologized to me b/c their wedding wasnt going to be chalk full of details to be featured on a wedding blog. They were just so excited to be getting married and a ton of stuff didn't matter to them. I have to say this is such a touchy topic. Yes, I do think that details on your wedding day can be gorgeous! If they are sentimental to YOU TWO :)
Dont let the details of a wedding over shine the real reason you two are throwing this shindig!
You are getting MARRIED. Marriage is the reason that I adore my job, to see couples
at the start of their life together on this beautiful day! Just dont lose sight of the amazingness that is marriage.

*Pick your battles....... okay this is an easy one. But easier said than done ;) My mom always used to tell me to pick my battles. I don't think there is anything worse than a person who is *ALWAYS RIGHT*?! I would rather be wrong and happy than right and upset! Sometimes I am completely irrational and find my self mid argument just laughing at being *mad* about something so trivial. This is huge when you are wedding planning. Things can get rough planning your wedding so take a break, dont let the stress of planning come between you two :)

Those are just my random thoughts for the day :) and since I am trying to be more open with my blog I wanted to share!

* and a pic of my lil blue eyed boy ;)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being open and honest! I agree, boys are weird: my husband and I have been together for six years and there are still silly things that I'm learning about him (especially since we got married and are under the same roof).

Cat Watson said...

Great post:) all so very true! Evelyn, my two year old, is sitting next to me as I'm reading this...and when she saw Crew's pic she simply said, "Baby! Cute!" She's right!

Carmen ShuGar said...

Thank you for sharing your pearls of wisdom. Us brides really appreciate you opening your heart to us. We love you!