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Bride Tip

So again this is just my own opinion....
and when I get my NEW BLOG I think this will be a weekly fun feature =)
but here is my 1st Bride Tip....
Bride's..... this is the ONE DAY that you get to carry around a GORGEOUS bouquet of fresh flowers as an accessory.
I wouldn't mind doing this on a monday as well ,
but I am sure I would get some awkward looks.
Anyway... back to my tip.
Even if you are a DIY bride and are creating absolutely every element of your wedding day..... hire a professional to make your bouquet.
Truly it will be such a special moment for you to see this amazing arrangement.
Bridal bouquet's are tricky! Make sure yours is what you have always dreamed of!
A sneak of my past bride -Kelly's- bridal bouquet!
*Kelly created every detail of her wedding, but left this beauty to the professionals :)



Liz said...

can this bouquet be any more BEAUTIFUL!! love the colors, flowers...and the succulents!!

Anonymous said...

Oo I agree. A professional boquet arrangement brings the "details" to a whole new level. i love the warm colors in this boquet!