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A blog full of sneaks....

So you might have noticed that my blog as become a blog full of sneaks.
I never realized that some part of my business was going to have to give with
a)growing my business b)having a baby c)having a happy marriage ;)
and while I adore that each of the above is happening I have sadly had to
cut back on blogging.
I simply do not have the luxury of blogging everything I shoot anymore.
And while I am extremely grateful for the busyness,
part of me is so bummed that blogging is now more of a sporadic activity.
While i am doing my very best to share my heart with you as often as i can,
I just wanted to let you (lovely readers) know where I was coming from! Silly, maybe!
But oh well :)
And now a fun sneak of a couple who radiates so much love!!!
They literally ran down the aisle after being announced man & wife
and stole a moment alone to be along together!
I love the series of shots below! I think it completely shows their excitement of marriage!





Toya | The Limerick Lane said...

Beautiful bride and groom. I remember seeing their engagement pics on your blog. I'm an amateur photographer and I am truly inspired by your work. Oh...and I love the pop of blue in her wedding dress!!! Thank you for keeping me inspired!!

ajira said...

Beautiful couple! They look SO happy. Love that. I hear you on the sneak peek blog syndrome. LOL. Don't apologize for how full your life is. Share when you can. Quality not quantity is what matters, right?

Cat Watson said...

Love those shots! such a beautiful couple! Like Toya said above, I love coming to see your work, you and it inspires me!

Anonymous said...

I love these shots! they are so full of life and personality! :)