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Dear Crew (21 weeks)

Dear Crew,
Sorry baby for being a bad mommy and not writing you my little man.
These past few weeks have been crazy! You are growing up so fast.
Please slow down just a bit ;) k? k!
You learned to flip!!!! Yup flipping is your new favorite thing.
Besides the 180's that you do in your crib.
{Sigh} I dont think you realize how much anxiety this gives your mommy and daddy.
You really treat your crib like a skateboard bowl, literally flying up each side.
Flash forward about 12 years I imagine I will still have this feeling of anxiety when you are
snowboarding/skateboarding up these bowls.
Sweet boy I will be prematurely grey for sure.
Another new development is that you outgrew your car seat.
You are officially in a big boy seat. A lot earlier than we anticipated.
You are big kid. But we love it. You are healthy and happy and large and in charge.
Okay mommy is done rhyming. :)
I love you sweet boy! Thank you for making everything better!
Love bunches,
Your Mum

*morning time with daddy below! sigh, i love my boys!

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Abi Q said...

OMG this photo is AMAZING!! I have a feeling your little man and mine would be bff's. ;)