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Dear Crew (15 weeks)

Dear Crew,
I figure this week I should explain to you about your brother. Your older brother.
You and Bubs get along swimmingly :) you love to grab his face and he loves to lick your feet.
Two peas in a pod... you two ;)
You are such a good sharer with your brother too.
You share your activity gym (bubba's new lounge mat) , your stuffed animals (one may have lost a foot) , and your daddy (probably harder for bubs to share)!
We were nervous at first about how your brother would treat you, but he absolutely loves you!
He tucks you in at night with daddy & I.
It's something that your daddy and I try to do every night.
We both tuck you in and kiss you goodnight.
Bubs waits patiently on your rug until you are asleep.
And thank you sweet boy for your sleeping habits. People tell us we are "lucky" that you are a "sleeper"... truth is it took WORK. Lots and lots of work to get you to sleep.
But you sleep like a champ now and we are so excited to wake you up in the morning!
Kinda crazy how much I miss you while you sleep :)
Bubba doesnt wake you up in the morning though, he needs his sleep. Lol.
And a funny picture of you two, my sweet Rose boys :) & another picture of your brother watching over you as you take a quick snooze!
I love you tons,
Your Mum




Karla Quiz said...

He is such a sweet lil man. I love the pup and baby picture.

Moore Musings said...

That second picture is quite possibly the cutest thing ever. 2 thumbs up... wishing I could grow a 3rd just for that photo.

mandyface said...

Oh so cute! I love all the bright, happy colors!