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Dear Crew (14 weeks)

Dear Crew,
So you started laughing last week. And I remember thinking to myself that I wondered what your laugh would sound like and its exactly as I imagined! Probably better =)
For some reason Daddy is the only one who can make you laugh. This makes me extremely jealous, but its okay because the laughing is so sweet and you absolutely adore your daddy!
You like to mimic him also. He makes a noise. You make that noise. And the cycle goes on for 5 mins ;) I think you are going to be his lil shadow when you grow up. He is thrilled about it baby ;) He calls you his best friend already!
In other news you had a check up @ the Doctor's and you are in the 99% for head size & weight my not so lil man :) You are pretty average for height though. I swear you will be towering your momma by the time your ten ;)
And a lil pic to show how big you really are... given this was 2 weeks ago ;)
I think the resemblance is uncanny...
Love you tons!
Your Mum

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Jen Berry said...

i hope you're saving all these notes in a journal. precious.