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Dear Crew (13 weeks)

Dear Crew,
This week we taught you how to Dougie.
Yup you are skipping right through tummy time and just learning the dance stylings of Justin Bieber.
We have Bieber Fever. Dont worry though, we will never give you Bieber bangs ;)
Were thinking more of a Zac Efron quaff.
So anyways back to the Biebs, we were watching him on Regis & Kelly several weeks ago
and we learned how to Dougie.... so of course we had to make you Dougie too.
And you loved it.... seriously its hilarious.
I realize that when you read this many many years from now you are going to think that your
parents are absolute nut jobs. Which is quite true. But at least we made you laugh!
Besides trying to make you the next teen sensation (kidding, really truly kidding)
this week is the first time I will leave you over night. For 2 whole nights.
Since I write your letters (blog posts) ahead of time this hasnt happened yet
but once this is blogged it will have already happened. Make sense?!
Daddy is going to have you all to himself for 2 days! A very Manly 2 days Im sure ;)
Im sure your next letter will be about how much I missed you my sweet man.
Be good for Daddy and dont let him get in too much trouble while Im gone =)
Love you tons,
Your Mum

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